The Autumn season of 2018 was, like other recent years, a busy one for the folks of the Reading & Northern - with various trips running out of Jim Thorpe on a near daily basis. However, the highlight was with #425 and their steam program. The locomotive was once again running for two October weekends out of the Outer Station Complex in North Reading, PA - as it pulled the daylong and ever-popular Fall Foliage trips to Jim Thorpe. Here we see the Pacific-type locomotive in action on October 21, 2018. Enjoy!

One of the largest train shows in North America was held on the weekend of January 26 and 27, 2019 in West Springfield, MA - and BJVP was there for the first time to check things out. Here is a look at Saturday's events, which included a narrow-gauge steam locomotive running outside, vendors and model railroads filling 400,000 square feet of space at the "Big E", Eastern States Exposition. Enjoy the video!

For the annual Railfest event at Steamtown NHS in 2018, a special photo charter event was held, featuring the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad's Alco RS3 diesel #1554 and two of Steamtown's CNJ coaches. This charter was originally supposed to go a little ways away from Steamtown and the yard limits, mixing in some photo runbys with static shots. However, severe storms swept through the area, causing flash flooding, track and infrastructure damage outside of the park areas, speed restrictions were in effect along the entirety of the Pocono Main, including along the areas of the photo charter - so the trip would be limited in terms of size and scope, and not many video runbys were held. However, there was action both with and around the charter, including a D-L freight passing through and multiple appearances from Steamtown's Scranton Limited train, powered by Baldwin 0-6-0 #26. Enjoy this look at "Scenes from a CNJ Photo Charter: Steamtown's Railfest 2018"!

There was a surprise in store for any railfans who ventured out to Stewartstown, PA and the Stewartstown Railroad for their 2019 Easter trips. Running on home rails for the first time since 2004 was GE 44-tonner diesel locomotive #10. Friday, April 19, 2019 started her second weekend of trips along the line, and the rides are getting increasingly longer, as you'll see, shopping a bit shy of the Iron Bridge. Soon, those bridge timbers will be replaced on the Iron Bridge, some tie replacement will be done, and very soon, full-sized trains will be travelling over the bridge for the first time in 15 years.  For more: