In this short, two-shot video, we see Reading & Northern 4-6-2 #425 making her last runs of 2018, pulling Santa trains on a rare Monday series of excursions.  Since Christmas is on a Tuesday, the R&N decided to hold Monday trips in addition to the past few weekend dates.  We catch R&N #425 at the Route 222 overpass in Tuckerton, PA as she heads from Reading Outer Station to Port Clinton, PA and return - and then at Peacock's Lock Viaduct, just outside of Reading, PA.  The shot at the viaduct is on private property, so many thanks to the property owner for allowing me access down there to film #425!  Enjoy this video and stay tuned for more!

It was the evening of December 30, 2018, and the Wilmington & Western Railroad had just ran their last Holiday Lights Express train of 2018.  As a "thank you" to the hard-working volunteers, there would be an unadvertised 9 pm train that would run the entire length of the line, from the station in Greenbank, to the end of the line in Hockessin, DE.  Unbeknownst to the volunteers, the steam crew decided to have a little fun and fire up their recently-restored 0-6-0 #58 for one final trip of the year, and pull the specially-lit train to Hockessin, instead of the normal diesel power.  With some added lighting, and the diesel in idle, #58 would be doing all of the work out on the line, and I was given a heads up that this would be happening, so there would be video coverage from the trip.  While all of the shots are great, the last shot, of #58 pulling the entire consist up Hockessin Hill at night, is especially impressive.  With very few cars out on the nearby roads, and the locomotive's stack talk as crisp as ever, it's a show for the auditory senses.  So turn up the volume for the last shot, and enjoy "Night Steam to Hockessin"!!

One of the largest train shows in North America was held on the weekend of January 26 and 27, 2019 in West Springfield, MA - and BJVP was there for the first time to check things out. Here is a look at Saturday's events, which included a narrow-gauge steam locomotive running outside, vendors and model railroads filling 400,000 square feet of space at the "Big E", Eastern States Exposition. Enjoy the video!

The Autumn season of 2018 was, like other recent years, a busy one for the folks of the Reading & Northern - with various trips running out of Jim Thorpe on a near daily basis. However, the highlight was with #425 and their steam program. The locomotive was once again running for two October weekends out of the Outer Station Complex in North Reading, PA - as it pulled the daylong and ever-popular Fall Foliage trips to Jim Thorpe. Here we see the Pacific-type locomotive in action on October 21, 2018. Enjoy!