For the first time since 2012, the Oil Creek & Titusville, based in western Pennsylvania, ran steam-powered trips along their 13.5-mile line from Titusville to Rynd Farm. In town to power the trips between June 22 - 24, 2018 were 0-4-0 Viscose Company #6, and 0-4-0 Jeddo Coal #85 - both travelling tank locomotives. They were slated to doublehead 3.5 hour round trips throughout the weekend - however, during the Friday night trip, problems developed with #85. After the Saturday morning trip started, the train had to return to Titusville, where #85 was taken off and placed out of service for the rest of the weekend. #6, therefore, had to go at it with diesel assistance for the remainder of the weekend. Nonetheless, the trips were otherwise extremely popular and there were plenty of people on board each run. Enjoy this look at 2018's Steam Weekend on the Oil Creek & Titusville!

In the summer of 2018, 0-4-0 Viscose Company #6 returned once again for a weekend of steam action on the normally diesel-only Stourbridge Line, out of Honesdale, PA.  As part of the town's second-annual Steampunk Weekend, this diminutive-yet-powerful locomotive was brought in to pull trips out of the town - this year, with a smaller consist, took the train the entire way to Hawley, PA - where a run-around was performed - so that the engine could lead the train back to Honesdale, a 20-mile round trip.  We catch all three trains on Friday, July 20.  Enjoy this look at the Coal Fired Express:  Steam on the Stourbridge 2018!

Hopefully this video should answer a question that I get frequently in the "Houses Along The Stewartstown" video - do trains still run here? Watch this video of one of the 2018 New Freedom Specials, courtesy of the Stewartstown Railroad, and see for yourself!

On Sunday, July 29, 2018, the Stewartstown Railroad, in Stewartstown, PA, held it's second day of trips using their newly-built open air car.  This former Pennsylvania Railroad flatcar was donated early in 2017 to the Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad, and since then they have worked on it to restore and build this open-air car onto the flatcar.  It's now available for use on the railroad, and we'll see it in action - as well as in-cab and GoPro footage from on front of the locomotive during parts of the two-mile roundtrip.  Enjoy this footage from the Inaugural Open Air Car Weekend at the Stewartstown!