Each year when late March/early April comes around, various railroads across the country host special Easter trains.  For the Wilmington & Western, they end up hosting, for two weekends, the Easter Bunny Express.  If steam is available, these trips are steam-powered, and the 2018 versions were no exception.  At the helm for her first trips of this year's excursion schedule was Baldwin Locomotive Works product 0-6-0 #58, which was recently returned to active service by the railroad after a multi-year overhaul.  On Friday, March 30, a trip was made to the W&W to catch #58 in action on a pair of overcast (and occasionally rainy) trips from the Greenbank station to the Mt. Cuba picnic grove and return.  Enjoy the Return of the Easter Bunny Express!!

You can often hear the unique sounds of an ALCO diesel locomotive in West Chester, PA when the West Chester Railroad runs their excursion trains. You don't often see one pulling a freight train, though - except for special events like the one on Sunday, May 6, 2018. This was an afternoon photo charter held by the railroad, featuring Montreal Locomotive Works RS-18 (a Canadian-built ALCO) #1803, pulling a short mixed freight train, using restored freight cars, mixed with a former Reading Railroad "Blueliner" passenger car on the end. There were quite a few runbys throughout the afternoon, and the ALCO smoke made a good show during many of the runbys. Enjoy this photo charter on the former Pennsylvania Railroad's West Chester Branch - and an ALCO on the Pennsy!

Every September for the past couple of years, the Everett Railroad has hosted a very popular "Steam Into The Cove" trip, running to nearly the end of the branch line in Martinsburg, PA.  In 2018, the railroad offered a Spring "Cove" trip in addition to the Autumn one - so I made it a priority to get down there once again for the trip.  The weather was beautiful, the train was well-populated, and the trip was another rousing success.  Enjoy this look at the Steam Into The Cove:  Spring 2018 Edition!

For the first time since 2012, the Oil Creek & Titusville, based in western Pennsylvania, ran steam-powered trips along their 13.5-mile line from Titusville to Rynd Farm. In town to power the trips between June 22 - 24, 2018 were 0-4-0 Viscose Company #6, and 0-4-0 Jeddo Coal #85 - both travelling tank locomotives. They were slated to doublehead 3.5 hour round trips throughout the weekend - however, during the Friday night trip, problems developed with #85. After the Saturday morning trip started, the train had to return to Titusville, where #85 was taken off and placed out of service for the rest of the weekend. #6, therefore, had to go at it with diesel assistance for the remainder of the weekend. Nonetheless, the trips were otherwise extremely popular and there were plenty of people on board each run. Enjoy this look at 2018's Steam Weekend on the Oil Creek & Titusville!